Room VI

Annunciation by Francesco da Tiferno
Tempera on wood (1504)
The composition is in two sections. In the upper part the figure of the Eternal Father is contained within a "lunetta" (a half moon space). He is surrounded by angels and is shown in the act of sending the Angel Gabriel to Mary.
In the lower, larger part of this panel the kneeling Angel brings the news to Mary who is listening attentively. The whole scene takes place in a sumptuous room opening on to a wide landscape.
This picture has a complex history: originally placed in the crypt of the Cathedral, it was later moved to the upper Church in the Chapel of the Crucifix of the Uberti Family; after being damaged by a fall it was restored in the form seen here to day and transferred to this Museum for safe custody.

Reliquary - wood and metal - XIX century

Tabernacle - wood with figures of Saints - XVI century.

Reliquary of the holy cross - gilt wood dated 1541.
Inside it has a series of 32 compartments to house relics. In the centre one there is a rock crystal
cross containing a relic of the Holy Cross and the coat of arms of the donor. The doors of the reliquary show, on one side the Emperor Constantine on horseback holding a Cross in his right hand; on the other side, his mother, St. Helena is carrying a Cross in her right hand while in her left hand she holds a book.

Three Reliquaries in gilded and carved wood XVIII century.

Paschal candle stand. A very elaborate stand, partly in gilded wood, end of XVI, beginning of XVII century. The Paschal Candle is symbolic of Jesus Christ (Light of the world); for this reason the decoration of the Candle stand is of particular importance.

Pitcher and ewer of embossed copper late XVI - late XVII century. These articles were used and in the Rite of "the washing of the feet" during Mass on Maundy Thursday.

Missal with lectern in gilded wood - XVII century

Two Processional
lanterns in gilded wood - XVIII century.

Sacristy furniture of walnut - XVIII century.

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