Edict on vellum of the emperor Federico Barbarossa (1163)
The occupation of Cittą di Castello by Federico Barbarossa (1123-1190) is testified through two edicts issued on 6th November 1163 by which "he places the Bishop (Corbello, schismatic) and the Canons under his protection, exempting their persons and things belonging to them from any form of imposition or dues and restoring the benefits belonging to their exiled predecessors" (Magherini - Graziani - Storia di Cittą di Castello, cit. I ip 69). The edict was issued "in favour of the Castellan Canonry ", that is to say, of the Canons who lived a communal life within the buildings adjoining the Cathedral called "the Canonry", and was sent to the Prior Raniero "against the usurpers of the possessions that the Canonry owned in Castellana Civitate et eius Curia ...." (G. Muzi - Memorie Ecclesiastiche e Civili di Cittą di Castello II p. 82).

XI Century
bound copy on parchment  of the rules of St.Augustine adopted by the Regular Canons of the Cathedral of St. Florido and St. Amanzio. It was restored in 1522 by Giulio Vitelli.

Articles of the chapters of the company of St. Anthony XIV - XV Century.

Small illuminated parchment of XIV Century containing votive Offices.
Lead seal of a papal bull with the image of St. Peter on one side and on the other the name of Pope Alexander II (1061 - 1073), author of the document. The seal was discovered near the Pieve of St. Felicita of Paterna, which still bears traces of Romanesque architecture.
According to local tradition, Pope Celestino II was born in this locality called therefore "Paterna".

Lead funerary plaque of Alessandro Vitelli (1554)
"To Almighty God,
Alessandro Vitelli, Comandant of the Infautry of the Supreme Popes Clement VII, Paul III, Julius III, leader of the armies of Emperor Charles V, who, having defeated his enemies and, by his fame, conquered death, died at the age of 57 years on 15th February 1554....
Placed here by his faithful wife and grieving children".

Various pieces of
jewellery in gilded silver ornamented with stones - XVII - XVIII century.

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