Room V

Showcase containing Pontifical Accoutrements of Cardinal Bufalini - XVIII century.
Pleated Alb - Cope embroidered in gold thread with the coat of arms of the Bufalini Family ( a bull) - Ceremonial Shoes and Gaiters - Gloves - Brooch.
Silver chalice - XVIII century
Bishop's Mitre - XIX century
Containers for Holy Oils (oil of the Catechumens - the Holy Chrisma - Oil for the sick) - XVII century.

Complete set of Pontifical Accoutrements - XIX century
Alb - cope - stole - pouch - maniple - Ceremonial Shoes and Gaiters - Gloves and Chalice cover.
Chalice cover in silk, embroidered with gold thread and precious stones - XVI - XVII century
Silver thurible - XIX century
Monstrance in gilded silver - XVI century
Silver chalice - XVII century
Ampula in crystal and silver - XVI century

Around the room

Cartagloria - XVIII century

St. Anthony - wooden statue - XVI-XVII century

Small tables - wood - XVII century

Four reliquaries - gilded wood - XVIII century.

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