Room IV

The Virgin with child and St.Blaise.
These two “frescoes”, by an unknown artist, are dated 1488. They were removed from an oblong recess in the Church of St. Biagio a Colle (St. Blaise on the Hill) near Niccone. This Church was closed towards the end of the 1960s when this area had become completely depopulated.
In the centre the Virgin is shown, and on the left “fresco” stands St. Blaise (the right panel depicted St. Sebastian, but it has been totally lost).

The Virgin enthroned with child.
A “fresco” of the first half of XV century, attributed to the
Maestro della Crocifissione Volpi. It was painted on the outside wall of Casa Cenci at Piccione (Perugia) and has been restored by the Arts Council of Perugia (Soprintendenza ai Beni Culturali e Ambientali di Perugia) in 1945. 
The owners, Dr Enzo and Paolo Cenci have lodged this “fresco” in the Museum in order for it to be exhibited.

The Virgin and child.
A “fresco” removed from a “Maestà” at Monte Cedrone – Città di Castello. It is the work of an unknown artist of XIII – XIV century.
It was donated to the Museum by General Vittorio Menchi.

Faldistory (Bishop’s stool)
A seat without a back-rest, suitably upholstered, used by a Bishop during religious ceremonies.
Made of brass and iron in the XVII century, it was donated by Bishop Luca Sempronio.

Ceramic – XVIII century.
It is inscribed with a dedication to the Vitelli Family. From the Church of St. Anne of Città di Castello.

Stools – wood – XVIII century.

Oculo (Magic eye).
Watercolour – XIX century by Vincenzo Barboni (1803-1859). An intriguing view of the interior of the Cathedral of St. Florido, having been decorated for the Canonisation of St. Veronica Giuliani (1660-1727).

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