Room II

A XIV century work in carved, embossed and engraved silver, partially gilded.
The staff is octagonal, tapering towards the foot and decorated with concentric bands of small Gothic windows.
At approximately shoulder-height the decoration expands into a crown-like tabernacle of gothic arches each of which frames an enamelled portrait of a Saint, eight in all.
This crown is surmounted by another order of smaller windows from which rises the curved crook.
At this point the crozier becomes four-sided. On the lateral sides, enriched by tiny flowers, are more enamel portraits of Saints followed by a series of grotesque animals diminishing in size.
The exterior and interior of the crook are ornamented with a line of delicately carved leaves.
The final curve of the crook is supported by an angel and encloses a small platform bearing the enthroned Virgin with Child and a figure of a Bishop kneeling in adoration.
The work is attributed to the Sienese artist
Goro di Gregorio and is dated about 1324.
Recent scholarship tends to ascribe an earlier date towards the beginning of 14th century on the basis of a similarity between the figures on the Crozier and the marble statues of Goro di Gregorio. It is possible that this sculptor worked also as a goldsmith.

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