Corridor B
Medieval tablet - Stone
"In 1749 during the construction of the new Sacristy for the Canons, the following inscription was discovered on a one - and a half foot square stone, made in the year 1267 (Pazzi, 1. p. 342). The date is 1260. The two verses carry praise for him who keeps faith with the teaching of Florido, and a very severe warning for those who do not follow his instructions: FLOREAT. IN. CV(NC)TIS. FLORIDI. Q(VI). IVRA. TVRA. TVET(VR) LEGIB (VS) NFERI. RAPIENS. / TVA. IVRA LOCETVR. AD. M. CC. LX.
St. Sebastian - XV century stone sculpture which came from the Abbey of Scalocchio near Cittą di Castello.


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